about me

hi everyone! :)
thanks for looking at my blog! i put a lot of work into it haha. sometimes i feel like it looks like a complete disaster, but i dont blog to look good. i blog what i like and hopefully you like it too!

on this blog, there will be a lot of FOOD, taylor swift (my looove), some personal posts, movies and GIFs i like, photography, along with fashion and design pictures, and some i’ve taken myself. i dont really have a style, so there will be a lot of random posts haha hope thats okay!

Random facts:

  • i am a Christian. don’t even bother sending hate, because I believe in God and there is nothing you can do to change it. so don’t waste my time and dont be a mean person.
  • i love taylor swift. not in a creepy way, and i dont know everything about her, but i admire her and connect with her music.
  • i love houses and reblog a lot of interior design and whatnot
  • i like to be girly and post glamour and luxury pictures, but that is not what i am like at all. its kinda funny actually.
  • Friends is my absolute favourite TV show in the world! i cannot explain how much i love that show haha
  • i like it when my followers fill my inbox :)
  • tea, proper grammar, and a good book are essential in a daily/weekly part of my life
  • my heart is taken :)

ive had this blog for so long and just decided to create an about me just now. 4 years later hahaha dont ask why.
id love to get to know my followers, so just send me a message if you want to talk and be friends! i like to brighten people’s days, so ill try to do that too! i also have been told many times that i have good advice, so feel free to come to me on either of my blogs :)

i hope you all have an amazing day and whe you read this, know that you are loved and you are beautiful!
stay true to yourself and remember each day is a beautiful gift!


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